How to get more followers?

Having more followers is something that all of us want as users of Instagram. The question for a lot of those users is how to achieve this. So here at buyinstagains we know of a few ways in which users try to increase their following, some methods are more effective than others. However, we will share them all with you so you can give them a try for your self.

Follow and unfollow

This is one of the oldest methods but yet one of the most effective methods too gains more followers on Instagram. The one problem with this method is that it does take a lot of time and effort to get the results you would like. People who are following more people than have followers are generally the type of person that will follow you back, although not all of them do. You might spend one whole day following as many people as you can, however, you might only get a tiny proportion of people that followed you back. This would then mean you have to unfollow all of the people who didn’t follow you back, then have to rinse an repeat the same method again. To reach the number of followers you desire can take a very long time so this method of gaining more followers is slowly dying out.

Trending page

Reaching the trending page on Instagram for a particular niche is a very good way to get very niche specific followers for your account. The only issues with this is that you cannot control how many, for example, if you want more there is no way to just get more. You then have to reach the trending page again to start gaining followers again. This can be very annoying especially because a lot of users don’t know how to get to the trending page of Instagram. A lot of people hire social media marketers to try and get them to this page, however not even they can do it every time. So this method can just be the luck of the draw.

Buy Instagram followers

Yes, there are some bad rumours about certain websites that sell followers on the internet that they are back followers and they are just fake. Some of the followers some customers receive don’t even have a profile picture of bio to tell you about them. That’s why you should always only use trusted sites that sell Instagram followers as a lot of these sites sell active Instagram followers which are good for your Instagram account. These followers do cost a little more to buy but there is a reason behind it and this is because they are not just fake. For example, if you buy followers from us here at buyinstagains all of our followers are very high quality and also interact with your account and posts you upload.

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